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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 11:06am on 19/09/2017
Week of September 11 - 18
I made some very small progress advancing the story on 'Yuletide' and a lot of progress preparing the POD version of 'Thanksgiving.' Reviews have been coming in for 'Team Guardian' - thirty of them now, and mostly four & five star. Even the couple three-star reviews don't seem to have anything really bad to say. Yay! I'm hoping this will make a difference in future promotions.

My most consistent efforts of the week went toward finding translators on Babelcube. At this point I have an agreement with a German translator and a Spanish translator, and am on the waiting lists of Portuguese & Hindi translators. This is a slow process. I'm looking at another service now for translating books to Chinese and publishing to the Chinese market... I'll let you know how that goes.

On Saturday I heard the very sad news of Dave Romm's death - a shock to the local f/sf fan community. It's been thirty-eight years since I first met him. I still find it hard to believe he's gone. I participated with Dave, Jerry Stearns and other local fans in starting the Shockwave radio show on KFAI back in 1980(?) I moved on, but he and Jerry stuck with it and created a legacy of shows over the years. Dave became a Baron - of a small country, the name of which I can't recall offhand. He was a frequent master of ceremonies at Minicons over the years. He brought an outgoing personality and good humor to the whole community - he will be greatly missed.

My favorite memory of Dave is of the occasion he, Richard Tatge and I all went out one Holiday season to look at the light displays. Dave drove, Richard sat in back as we went through the residential streets of Minneapolis and admired the festive lights. Along the way, all three of us whistled Christmas Carols in chorus.

My heart has been heavy, but the chores remain. I've kept up with the basics.

In odd bits of time I continue reading about estate planning for authors. I'm still flummoxed about who might be capable and willing to be a literary executor for my works. My niece Elise is a lawyer, but I don't know if she has any interest in the publishing world. I hope to live many more years before the issue arises, but Dave's death came as a reminder of how suddenly life can be cut short.
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 09:13am on 10/07/2017
Week of Jul 3 - 10

Last night Rajesh broke a month long streak of NOT attacking me in the middle of the night. I'm left with a big scratch on my knee, a smaller one on my foot and a tiny one on my wrist. I think it's the weather. It was oppressive with the tension of a storm that never really broke in our area, despite hail in other quarters. It's been hot and humid for the past week and his appetite has been off. I gave him some catnip this morning and he's curled up asleep now.

Just briefly: in the past few days since my last report, at MFW I attended an interesting workshop on marketing, basically about analyzing my 'brand' to distinguish my work from that of every other writer out there.

I realized I'll have to do all the exercises twice, since Naomi Stone's books also need to be distinguished from Laramie Sasseville's books. This led me to update the web page for my Laramie fiction in prep for the promos that are going out this week for 'One of Me is Missing.' (Available at $0.99 for a limited time only!)

After some research into formatting mobi & epub with Scrivener, I redid 'Wedding the Wind' and have a nicer version up on Instafreebie as an offering for my newsletter subscribers during this promo week.

This week I need to get back in the writing groove and not obsess about the promos.

Coming up:
Write: Yuletide
Start audio recording, with 'Fair Play' ?
Friday: dentist
Saturday: Mnstf picnic

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Because you've been so good:
Sometime Soon
– tto 'Someday Soon'  Lyrics by Laramie Sasseville

Dishes stacked up in the sink, utensils, pots and pans,

From meals in which I have partaken,

Some just in from supper and some from who knows when,

Sometime soon, gonna wash  ‘em, sometime soon.


I really do not like to see that grungy bathtub ring,

Scale build-up on fixtures leaves me cryin’

I would take a scrub brush to the whole dang thing -

Sometime soon, gonna scrub it sometime soon.


But there’s no time to clean,

I’ve got more urgent chores to do,

Guess it’s cause I’m a writer with a day job too…


So grow, you dirty dish stack, grow you dust piles, too

My next book launches in just eighteen days -

I love my books and stories more than I love things clean,

Sometime soon, gonna scrub it, sometime soon.


But there’s no time to clean, I’ve got more urgent chores to do,

Guess it’s cause I’m a writer with a day job too…


So grow, you dirty dish stack, grow you dust piles, too

My next book launches in just fourteen days -

I love my books and stories more than I love things clean,

Sometime soon, gonna wash 'em, sometime soon.

Sometime soon, gonna scrub it, sometime soon.


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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 11:23am on 23/06/2017

I've been putting together a collection of my non-romance fantasy short stories. Three of these were previously published. My plan is to make the collection a freebie with a Creative Commons license, and offer it as a bonus to people who sign up for the mailing list I use to share news of my fantasy stories for young readers. These aren't necessarily children's stories, but the first two have child protagonists, one employs fairy tale motifs and they are all certainly odd.

Wedding the Wind; Four Odd Tales

* The title story, Wedding the Wind, turns out to be an origin story for Mary Poppins, as a new Mary takes up the mantle, er, umbrella of her predecessor.

* Tess on the Stairs is an ultra-short ghost story that will make sense only to those familiar with the oeuvre of the Grateful Dead. (Originally published in Spinning Free)

* Survival, in which one monster relates to another, placed in the Minneapolis City Pages' Annual Fiction Contest some years ago and was originally published in that periodical.

* Without the Wicked Witch consists of a speculation in which psychological health makes everyone happier and fairy tales pathetic. (Originally published in Daughters of Nyx).

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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 11:24am on 03/01/2017
I had a dream the other night in which my late brother, David played a part. He was in another room, out of sight, but still singing with me, our voices sounding together.
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 02:14pm on 02/10/2014
I learned today that Kensington will be offering 'Wonder Guy' on a Print On Demand basis! It will be so nice to have an option for people who 'don't do' digital books.

Not sure when. They've just finished formatting the books whose authors' last names start with 'A' and even my pseudonym starts with 'S.'

I'll keep you updated!
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 02:13pm on 02/10/2014

Kindle Freebie: Clockwork Whalers, a Steampunk short story:
What if the whalers of the late 19th Century had a steampunk version of skyping?

Free October 1-5, to celebrate the October 6th release of 'Shining Hope!'
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 09:34am on 13/08/2014

Today I've been updating my website with the new cover art. Above are the covers for my novels, novellas, and short story collections to date. (I only have one story in 'Love in the Land of Lakes,' a joint effort by the members of MFW, our local chapter of RWA).
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 08:48am on 30/07/2014
After last night's play testing at the game developers' meetup, I came home with a couple great suggestions for making the wild cards that are new to BUZZ a bit more intuitive - all to keep play moving along quickly.

The wilds I've been calling 'Color Shifts' will be Chameleons and will have new art, making it more obvious that their function is to mimic whatever they're played atop, in their own color. The 'Jokers' will become 'Nullify' cards capable of squashing the effect of any action cards and negating any other Wild, while allowing the player to substitute his/her own value.

This is slightly different from the original intent of the card, but makes for more intuitive play and fills a valuable role - offering at least some hope of escape from those dreaded conga chains of scorpions that may demand you 'Draw 12' - or more!

In the final week of this Kickstarter, it's now more important than ever to spread the word to anyone who may be interested in this fun-for-the-whole-family game!
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posted by [personal profile] laramie at 10:13am on 21/07/2014
(cross-posted from WonderbySometime at Wordpress)

Oh no! I’m late! I feel like the white rabbit with his pocket-watch, rushing from one thing to another, and can only ask myself how I can be so busy and still so short in funds.

The short answer is that I’m busy with much work entailing only delayed rewards, and much on-spec work, like books I can’t sell until they are written, and currently a Kickstarter project for a new card game, Buzz.* Wearing my artist-hat, I put in many hours’ work creating the cards and readying them for print (and a download version), and will only be paid for that time if the Kickstarter succeeds. This is the first time I’ve tried running this sort of fund-raiser and I can tell you it’s raising more anxiety than funds.

The anxiety, like many unpleasant sensations, at least counts as fodder for the writer’s mill. It leads me to examine my underlying feelings: am I even worthy of success? Maybe all I deserve is to eke out my existence like a dog under the table at the feast of love everyone else in the world enjoys. Can I only be successful if enough people like me? Why don’t people like me?

I’m not claiming that these feelings are based on anything realistic – indeed, I’m warmed to the point of getting misty-eyed by how supportive some of my friends have been – that doesn’t mean the anxieties won’t go ahead and creep in, twisting the view to show off all the worst angles.

Why doesn’t everyone like me? Why am I not the sole and central focus of everyone’s lives? Didn’t it used to be that way once? (Obviously a first-born child). Don’t I deserve to be as celebrated as anyone else in the world (more than any Kardassian at least) or anyone who’s accomplished as much as I have? Why can’t all the authors be best-selling authors? (Again, no claims for logic or consistency here.)

Okay, having taken due note of my rich crop of anxieties, like a good writer, I can scramble into a position of some perspective. Hey, look at that: feelings of inferiority and superiority all mixed up together with helplessness, and fear, and longing, and an egocentricity capable of overlooking billions of others who have suffered and struggled, feared and longed throughout human history. Amazing really.

I can’t say gaining some perspective has solved any of my problems, but I do feel better armed to write believably about characters going through any similar circumstance – and hey, when I’m writing it, I can give it the happy ending I can never be sure of for myself.

* Fun for the whole family! Deets here:


19 20